To serve, to inform, and advance STEM education though the collective experiential strength of the Einstein Fellowship

Albert Einstein Fellowship

       Alumni Association

The purpose of the Albert Einstein Fellowship Alumni Association (AEFAA) is to harness the power of the members’ collective credentials and use it to bolster the quality of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in the United States.  Members are bound together by having mutually served as Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellows and maintain that bond through their primary interest in supporting STEM education.

Activities in support of this purpose include (but are not limited to):
1.     Serving as consultants on issues relating to STEM education;
2.     Giving presentations, written commentary, oral commentary and/or testimony at meetings such as:
        i.     Local and state boards of education
        ii.    Local, state and national stem education organizations
        iii.   Governmental panels and hearings;
3.     Taking on leadership roles in STEM education organizations;
4.     Conducting:
         i. Teacher professional development workshops
         ii. Classroom presentations
         iii. Pre-service teacher trainings
         iv. Community presentations to businesses, informal learning institutes, civic organizations; 
5.     Forming focus groups in response to calls for comment or feedback on STEM education issues, initiatives, and proposals;
6.     Participating in conferences sponsored by STEM education organizations such as NSTA, ITEA, NCTM, NESTA, NABT, ACS, AAPT, AAAS;
7.     Submitting articles, notices of opportunity etc., to STEM education publications as well as the AEFAA website;
8.     Providing a forum through the AEFAA website to keep abreast of STEM education developments at all levels;
9.     Collaborating at the local, state, and national level to promote STEM education;
10.   Networking to share opportunities and information.

Mission & Vision
The mission of the AEFAA is to consolidate the educational expertise and fellowship experiences of our members and evolve into a pivotal resource to promote, support, and advance K-12 STEM education.  By leveraging our unique “classroom to Capitol Hill” perspectives, we will credibly strengthen the alignment between STEM education practice and policy.

The AEFAA will emerge as a pivotal resource to strategically advance K-12 STEM education.

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