To serve, to inform, and advance STEM education though the collective experiential strength of the Einstein Fellowship

Albert Einstein Fellowship

       Alumni Association

Charter Members

In 2012, the fifty-one alumni whose names appear below provided the financial support to secure the establishment of the AEFAA. Their generosity and commitment to the AEFAA mission serve as a model for the association.

The AEFAA remains sincerely grateful. 


Pam Abreu
Diedre Adams
Erma Anderson
Julie Angle
Samantha Barlow
Tracey Beckendorf-Edou
Fred Belmont
Liz Burck
Marti Canipe
Carrie Chiappetta
Patricia Colbert-Cormier
Ann Coren
Peggy Deichstetter
Charlene Dindo
Amy Elverum
Mickie Flores
Sandra Geisbush
Kathy Gorski
Mark Greenman
Dee Guarino
Robert Hickey
Anne Holbrook
Jenelle Hopkins
Leesa Hubbard
John Jackson
Rick Jones

Mike Kennedy
Mike Lach
Nicole LaDue
Art Lebofsky
Ruth McDonald
Pam Newberry
Dennis Newell
Geri Nielsen

Anthonette Peña

Kristina Peterson
Richard Pieper
Ed Potosnak
Staci Richard
Dan Schab
Cece Schwennen
Cassie Soeffing
Rhonda Spidell
Nancy Spillane
Karen Stiner
Kevin Swanson
Jennifer Thompson
Stephanie Toney
Ben VanDusen
Lorna Vazquez
Sue Whitsett
June Yamashita

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